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Friday, August 24, 2012

Today we write!

What a wonderful way to end the week with us creating our draft memoir's of a time when we were young.

Homework for this weekend is to re-write out draft into a final copy. This can be typed or hand written. Below I have included the student checklist to help you stay on track as well as the grading rubric that I will use to score your memoir.

Remember, extra credit will be awarded if you attach you draft. If you would  like me to proof read your memoir before class just email it to me. Have a great weekend and awesome work this week!


_______ Have I planned my writing using a brainstorming technique (list, web, outline, chart, etc.) before I began to write?
 _______ Have I incorporated any writer’s techniques into my piece (alliteration, rule of 3, repetition, etc.)?
_______ Have I used authentic, accurate details that are beyond the obvious to show I know my topic? 
_______ Have I read my piece to three people to find my mistakes, see if it sounds like me, and to hear how the words I chose sound aloud? 
_______ Have I used sensory details to allow the reader to see, hear, feel, smell and taste my experiences with me? 
_______Have I paid attention to details such as spelling and grammar so the reader can read my piece without any problems?

When I Was Young... Rubric 

Scored for IDEAS (see rubric/scale) (5) ____
Meets Requirements
(1) ____ Uses at least one rule of 3
(1) ____ Includes at least 1 alliterative phrase 
(1) ____ Uses at least 3 sensory details
(1) ____ Uses repetition
(1) ____ Ending contains essential message 
(5) ____ SUBTOTAL
TOTAL GRADE ________

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