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Monday, October 22, 2012

Week of October 22-29

Monday: Test Tomorrow!

Objective: Today you organized your binders for the second marking period, and learned that your 2nd Qtr Book Report projects will be due: Dec. 3rd!!!

Activities 16-18 are due tomorrow. Please refer to blog dates 10/11 for the vocabulary and 10/17 for the characterization questions.

Studying for test: To adhere to copyright laws,I could not find and internet site for characterization, please review your notes. For context clues however, I was able to find this link Context Clues. Please print your page and answers to receive full credit.

Objective: Today you were able to demonstrate your knowledge of characterization AND context clues through testing.

Objective: Today  you wrote a descriptive paragraph describing a fictional character or a person you know. Several examples were given in class using characters from famous novels.
If you were absent please refer to this blog: Writerlious to see some examples. Final character descriptive paragraphs due: FRIDAY.

Thursday-Activity #1
Objective: Determine the literary vocabulary words for our next short story: The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe. Be sure to follow the template provided. The vocabulary words are: profound, dissimulation, sagacity (yes similar to sagacious), crevice, gesticulation, derision, scantlings, and hearken.
Friday-Character Descriptive Paragraphs DUE!
Objective: Determine the academic vocabulary word for our next story. *Reminder-Your BAV should have 16 boxes per page. The words complete were: Plot, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, foreshadow, suspense, mood, and irony. These definitions can be found at the back of your literature textbook.

Homework: Finish Vocabulary charts from Thursday and Friday.

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